Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Live picks: Weekend of Friday, July 16 and onwards...

Summer bumper edition!

I will be traveling a lot in the next few weeks so I cannot update the live picks every week. But here are some for the coming weekend and a few choice cuts beyond!


Saturday, July 16: Here Is My Number

Free gig in Kichijoji with the always fantastic Minnesota Voodo Men, DJs, more!
Arranged by the stylish folks at Young Soul Rebels

July 16-18: Let's Go's Tour Final

Not one, not two but THREE chances to catch up with the great pop-punkers Let's Go's, at Poor Cow, Shimokitazawa Basement Bar and Hatagaya Heavy Sick!

More gigs!

Saturday 7/16

Forks and Chopsticks
Glam from Young Parisians, the rocking Candy Ditches, at Heavy Sick

Quirky pop from Americo, rock-n-roll from Rangsteen, Americana from Talent Show and more at Musashino Statto

Sunday 7/17

Fungus Buggs - The Great Mongoose, Drexel, DJs at Hatagaya Heavy Sick

Live From The Kitchen Disco Volume 26

Saturday 7/23

Here Come The Nice
Powerpop from Tweezers (members from Firestarter, Supersnazz, etc.) at Shinjuku Red Cloth

Sunday July 24

TEENAGE SHUTDOWN!! -Bienvenido de nuevo Amigo!
Rolando Bruno and his one man band from Argentina returns to Hatagaya!

Eddie Legend, Stompin' Riffraffs and many more at Higashi-Koenji UFO Club!

Friday, July 29

Great art-rock duo from France come back to Japan!

Saturday July 30

THE PRINGLES presents HAVE A BALL??? Vol.2
Bowling and rock-a-billy in Sazazuka - what more could you want?! With Pringles, Stompin' Riffraffs and all-star DJs.

Swinging soul of Soulcrap, more at Shinjuku Red Cloth

Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer fun!

We will take a break with the gig reporting for a couple of weeks as I travel. Expect regular service to resume soon! In the meantime, why not have a beer al fresco or two before it gets too hot to be outside, perhaps in this super-cute beer garden in Shimokitazawa!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Live picks: Weekend of May 27, 2016


Saturday and Sunday

Update: The Real Kids have cancelled their Tokyo shows. Instead, there will be a line-up of Japanese bands at Shinjuku Marz, including the mighty Firestarter.

Saturday's lineup:

Sunday's lineup:

Original poster:

There will be all kindsa girls (and a few boys) at Shinjuku Marz when powerpop legends Real Kids play, with Tokyo's own Tweezers and a rare reunion of Firestarter! Afterparty at Poor Cow guaranteed! Presented by Vinyl Japan.

More gigs



Mystery Meat Vol. 38: Birth of Ungawa

Friday smash!
Nishi-Ogikubo Pit Bar

Friday + Saturday

5/27(fri) Jet Art Exhibition -アートに抱かれて眠りたい- Day1
5/28(sat) Jet Art Exhibition -アートに抱かれて眠りたい- Day2
Jet Art exhibition with Ono-Chin (Jetboys), Rockin' Jellybean, Nao (Bobby's Bar) and many more!




Nervous Freak #14
Heavy Sick

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Live picks: Weekend of Friday, May 13, 2016


Back From The Grave Returns - PSYCHO MAFIA
Celebrate Friday the 13th with Villainz, Saturns, Texaco Leatherman, BFTG DJs, and more!


Mods Mayday Japan '16
The big 60s fashion and music event of the year, with James Taylor Quartet and dozens of Japanese bands and DJs. The party starts at Shinjuku Loft in the afternoon and continues at Shinjuku Jam until the morning hours!


With Candy Ditches, Ed Woods