Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Live picks: Week of Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Hangover!

The Back From The Grave Halloween Ball was a non-stop barrage of great bands and outrageous costumes – click here for our small random sampling of the madness! 

But after the party comes the hangover, and if you are up for even more garage punk antics head over to Hatagaya Heavy Sick this weekend for the official Halloween Ball Hangover! A bunch of our favourite bands will be there including Stompin' Riffraffs, Rock-a-Cherry, and the always astounding Texaco Leatherman. Put your fangs back on and come on over!

Location: Hatagaya Heavy SickMap
Time: Sunday Nov. 1, 18.00
Charge: Advance ¥2000 / door ¥2500, plus one drink 

Other events

Friday: Mystery Meat vol. 31

Just want to relax with some horror-show DJs, including Ham Solo, Extenders, Meat Loafers and more? Head over to Beatcafé in Shibuya!

Saturday: Mau-Mau Twist

Also at Heavy Sick is Mau-Mau Twist with another sampling of Back From The Grave favourites including Mellvins and The Fadeaways, plus top DJs. Stay all night for the ultimate party twist!
Facebook event page

Saturday: Punk Pandemic vol. II

More noise and mayhem from Three Minute Movie, Wotzit (ex-Gimmies!) and much more at Waseda Zone-B!

Saturday: In To Tomorrow

For a lighter touch, there is a power pop bonanza at UFO Club in Higashi-Koenji, including the superb Tweezers (featuring Fifi from everyone's favorite bar Poor Cow) and up-and-comers Gorilla. 

Monday: The Let's Go's present ロックン・オムレツ

Our favorite pop punk girls The Let's Go's invite a host of stars including the immensely entertaining Electric Eel Shock for a night of fun at Shindaita Fever.

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