Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Ball 2016!

Book the weekend for the year's wildest party! All Japan's best garage rock bands are playing, plus costumes, international guests, talk shows, and more!

Day 1 Facebook page
Day 2 Facebook page

Also happening

Mystery Meat Vol. 43: Raw Meat


King Salami and the Cumberland 3 Afterparty at Heavy Sick

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Live picks: Weekend of October 21, 2016

It's the calm before the storm next week, as the Back From The Grave Halloween Ball lets loose the Garage Rockin' Craze of 2016. But before that, there's this...


Call And Response Indie Disco - Iko Chérie Japan Tour
Iko Cherie from French singer Marie Merlet, formerly of the groups Lisbonne, Zooey and Monade (with Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier), with a deubt album out on Elefant Records.


Tweezers, XTits, Australian guests and more at Hatagaya Heavy Sick!

Get Your Mood On Vol. 7
Dark The Giant, CCS, and more at Higashi-Koenji UFO Club


Howlin' Jaws JAPAN TOUR
Howlin' Jaws from France join Mellvins and Minnesota Voodoo Men at Heavy Sick in Hatagaya

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Live picks: Weekend of October 14, 2016


Kristian Anttila tour


The singer/songwriter from Sweden does a small Tokyo tour, including stops at Poor Cow (Thursday) and Liten Butiken (Saturday)! 
Facebook events:
Kristian Anttila x 5 in TOKYO
Kristian Anttila live at Poor Cow
Kristian Anttila (from Sweden) Tokyo Show! in Liten Butiken

Peach Kelli Pop tour

The California band's Japan tour continues - we'd recommend catching up with them along with The Fadeaways, The Mellvins, The Buttercup and Tawings at Green Apple in Koenji!
The Fadeaways × Rhyming Slang presents “TEEN CITY”

More gigs


EARLY ALLEY Session 76
Deep soul from Winstons and indie psychedelia from Petersfield, at Hatagaya Heavy Sick


Sister Paul present "Tokyo Gay Rockers" at Shibuya Last Waltz
The Tokyo band that recently worked with Doctors of Madness, along with Talent Show, Rockbottom, more!


Four bands and a rooftop party with a barbecue. Bring your own drinks!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Live picks: Weekend of October 7, 2016



Live From The Kitchen Disco Volume 29
Absolutely free show in Shinjuku, featuring alternative stars Molice, Jam cover band Jexit, and Tokyo Deep's very own Fuzz Things.

All week 

Peach Kelli Pop Tour
Los Angeles rockers and Burger Records recording artistes Peach Kelli Pop join lots of great Japanese bands for a whirlwind tour of Tokyo! Check out the flyers below and their homepage. Look out for even more shows next week!



Kristian Anttila x 5 in TOKYO
Swedish pop star Kristian Anttila does a string of singer/songwriter gigs in Tokyo

More gigs


Wotzit, DJ Ian Martin (Call and Response) and more!


Mad 3 re-union
Return of legendary power trio at Shimokitazawa Shelter!


Tokyo Gig Guide presents FARM PARTY 20

Madness from Ed Woods and more!

Supersnazz, Rangsteen, more at Waseda Zone B

Johnny Disco Beach, Great Mongoose, more at Hatagaya Heavy Sick

Incredibly entertaining hard rockers celebrate 25 years of Shimokitazawa's famous live house