Sunday, October 8, 2017

Radio Ramen - serving up great Japanese music by way of Australia!

As everyone who's followed this blog knows, there's a lot of great music coming out of Japan! But it is also very hard to keep track, especially if you do not speak Japanese. Most bands have little or no internet presence, and release their music mostly on limited edition vinyl singles - if at all. The best way to experience Japanese rock, punk, garage and more is of course to see it live. But what if you don't live in Tokyo, or have the luxury of going there often?

Radio Ramen to the rescue! Since starting out in April this year, the Australian music podcast has put the spotlight on a host of Tokyo Deep favourites, including Stomping' Riffraffs, Fadeaways, Baitones, Go-Devils, and many more! The format includes interviews in both Japanese and English with selected bands, as well as highlighting old and new tracks from a wide variety of artists. And as we all know Australia is home to some of the best garage and punk bands in the world, so putting the two countries together sound like the perfect match!

The podcast was the brainchild of an independent musician who had enjoyed the hospitality of the Japanese musical underground, and a DJ/radio producer. Like everything in Australia the idea was born over a few beers! They were discussing the lack of infrastructure for independent Japanese bands. Several Japanese bands who had toured Australia had articles written in newspapers and web pages as well as radio interviews -  things that Australian bands take for granted, but which can be out of reach for Japanese visitors. Thus Radio Ramen was created to allow the Japanese bands we all love so much a platform and, hopefully, allow independent Australian bands a chance to let Japan know about them before touring. 

I am sure this great initiative will create new ties between local and international bands, and put the spotlight on all the amazing music that is coming out of Japan. 

Asked about the future, Radio Ramen say they want to continue to build this musical bridge between Australia and Japan and let the world know that there is so much exciting music out there.

Finally, I asked the folks behind Radio Ramen what would be their dream lineup, and they had this cryptic answer:

"Can't say, but it's coming up and it's MASSIVE!"

Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Below are a few exclusive snapshots from deep inside the RR studio!


Friday, September 29, 2017

Halloween Ball 2017, October 28-29

It's only a month left to the biggest Japanese garage punk event of the year - the Back From The Grave Halloween Ball! Join dozens of bands, wild DJs, and a cast of thousands in outrageous outfits (including yours truly) over Saturday and Sunday at Shinjuku Loft!

Halloween Ball day 1 Facebook Event

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Quit Your Band! But first, delve into the history of Japanese pop

Writer and music blogger Ian Martin has published the first of two promised playlists going deep into the underbelly of Japanese rock and pop music. They are intended as accompaniments to his excellent book Quit Your Band! Musical Notes from the Japanese Underground - partly a summary of the Japanese music scene, and partly his own personal history as DJ, label manager, music reporter, gig organiser and more in Tokyo. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to know more about what lies beyond the Akihabara girl groups!

Read more here and don't forget to buy the book!
Quit Your Band! Soundtrack 1 (Japanese Pop 1950-2001)