Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Live Picks: Weekend of January 22, 2016

Featured: DJ events

If the pace of gigs gets to exhausting, or just plain too loud, DJ events are a nice way to enjoy music in a more relaxed atmosphere. While in Europe and the US you may be used to one or two DJs playing an entire night of background music at your local bar, in Tokyo, DJ events are more focused. They generally go on from around 19.30 to 23.00 and feature a range of guest DJs, who play short sets according to a strict time table. Some events carry a small charge (usually 1000 yen, which includes a drink of your choice). Often events are themed, around say powerpop, punk, rockabilly, indie, etc., while others are a grab-bag of music styles depending on the guests. In any case you are ensured to hear a lot of great music and if you're lucky, see some of the mind-bogglingly rare 45s owned by the city's most obsessive music collectors... 


Blast Jams vol. 9! at Heavy Sick in Hatagaya.
Vintage music for teenagers by DJs Sasai Toshio, BANGIE and Takuma with guests Ameku (Back From The Grave), Ayumi (Let's Hop!) and more!
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Heavy Sick access map


Backbeats Vol. 6. Hiroshi (Flashlights), Rie (Stompin' Riffraffs) and more at Bar Face! Bar Face is a classic mod bar near Shibuya Station, but is unfortunately closing soon. Take your chance to visit before it disappears!


Hiroshi Sekiguchi and friends at Memphis Brothers in Shimokitazawa
Legendary DJ Hiroshi (owner of Frathop Records and author of the indispensable Garage Punk guidebook)  plays some of his favorite stompers with guests including Atsushi of r-n-r clothes purveyors Attractions in Harajuku.


Got To Have Pop fièrement presenté: Mon Amour Tokyo.
Tokyo Deep's very own Lars plus guest DJ Suzy Krueger and more spin Europe-inspired pop and beyond!

More gigs


Dan Hawkins (Australia) + Mellvins, Kummy at Poor Cow


TENSION! Postpunk, post-hardcore, new wave, noise rock riot with the legendary Melt-Banana and more at Shibuya Milkyway!


Help! We are pop lovers! at Koenji High with Pen Friend Club and more.

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