Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tokyo Deep Live Picks End Of The Line Bumper Edition!

This will be the last Tokyo Deep Live Picks for the foreseeable future! So make sure you go to each and every one of these events, even if it means being in two places at once. I know I will!


Twistin' Rumble Bye Bye2016 DJ Session Special!!
Great sendoff at the cozy DJ bar Memphis Kyodai in Shimokitazawa, with Hiroshi Sekiguchi, Ryo the Dynamite, Wild Ox and more!


Call And Response Christmas Disco
Secret lineup of Tokyo underground artists in Koenji! And chances are you can snag a copy of the new book on Japanese alternative music, Quit Your Band! Musical Notes from the Japanese Underground! (A review will be forthcoming.)


Winstons Presents -Party Time!-
Tokyo's deepest soul band Winstons head up a great lineup at Hatagaya Heavy Sick, with hard rock from The Great Moongoose, Fifi Poorcow's new band Yesterday Once More, DJ Rie from Stompin' Riffraffs and more!

Rockabilly Graffiti -Xmas Party-

London Nite X'mas 36th Anniversary Special

Monday + Wednesday

FRED & TOODY Live in Japan 2016
Members of Portland, OR punk rockers join an all-star Tokyo cast for two gigs. It's worth going just for Guitar Wolf, Fadeaways, Tweezers, Talent Show, Rockbottom, and DJs Hiroshi Sekiguchi and Toyzo! Poor Cow will be open after the Shimokitazawa show.

Live From The Kitchen Disco Volume 31: Bumper Christmas Special!
Last event of the year for Tokyo's most diverse music event - all free!

Also happening

Ramones Exhibition
Nothing But True Punk!

Romi Mori Photo Exhibition「Eternal Dusk」

Gun Clubber and sometime Jesus and Mary Chain guest Romi Mori shows photos from a life in music. Also live and DJ events, see Facebook event for details!

Massive antique and flea market with hundreds of dealers from all over the world selling 50s, 60s, 70s art, design and fashion!

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