Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Ball 2015

Back From The Grave Halloween Ball 2015 at Shinjuku Loft was an absolute blast! Here are some random pictures in no particular order. Now get ready for the Halloween Hangover!

The Mellvins
The Johnny Disco Beach
That's A No No
Your blogger takes a bite out of That's A No No's Kei
Our DJ sets were heavy on Australian garage punk and power pop
View from the DJ booth at the main stage
The Raydios
Theee Bat
The Fadeaways
The Stompin' Riffraffs
The Black Alligator Party Band, aka Soul Crap
Melon-chan and Rin
The Untamed Youth party in style

Toyozo from The Fadeaways
The Kannana Speedcats had the best costumes – your blogger is still laughing!
Kannana Speedcats
The Pebbles
Tokyo Cramps
The Tweezers
Untamed Youth finish the Halloween Ball for this year

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