Saturday, November 7, 2015

Art: Tokyo Art Meeting VI – Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis

This Friday saw the opening of the new exhibition Tokyo Art Meeting VI – Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. We were there and highly recommend it!

The exhibition is huge, and comprises of over a dozen artist, both Japanese and international, who reflect the city of Tokyo in many different ways. But for us, the best part by far was the three rooms dedicated to Yellow Magic Orchestra, the original Japanese synth pop band. The exhibition traces the cultural influence and visual style of YOM with hundreds of artifacts, including stage dresses, photographs, commercials, record covers and posters, and much more. Two rooms are used for the regular exhibition, and a third lets you see and hear an YMO concert projected on a huge video screen. Overall, it has a similar effect as the famous David Bowie is exhibition that has been touring the world, although on a smaller scale of course; showing how the musicians work go beyond just the music into many other aesthetic fields.

There were many other things to look at too – see some pictures below! Also of musical interest, a new Yoko Ono exhibition opened this weekend as well. We'll check it out and perhaps cover it in an upcoming post.

The entrance is made up to look like a wall covered with gig posters

YMO members are present as dolls, photographs and video

YMO's highly stilized stage costumes were also present
Several famous Japanese artists could also be seen at the exhibition, such Takeshi Murakami and (above) our persona favorite Yoshitomo Nara
Other parts of the exhibition were dedicated to other modern art, often with an influence from Tokyo's fashion and manga culture

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