Thursday, November 5, 2015

Live picks: Week of Friday, 30, 2015


The Japanese not only have a regular word for hangover – futsukayoi, literally "second day illness". They also have a sometimes very useful word for the hangover that lingers even the day after most regular hangovers are over: mikkayoi, the "third day illness"! It seems that Tokyo's band scene has a touch of the mikkayoi this weekend, after the one-two punch of Halloween Ball and the Halloween Hangover parties (plus dozens more events we didn't even have the time to catch up with). We're certainly feeling a little soft around the edges ourselves. So this weekend, why not chill, maybe go to an art opening or two, pop down to Poor Cow, and generally take it easy. That's not to say it's a quiet weekend – the Tokyo Gig Guide has many things on offer as usual, and you could spend the entire weekend just at Heavy Sick for some good garage rock and punk, including our favorites The Fadeaways on Sunday – but we are taking the weekend off. Next week looks to be as crazy as usual so be sure to come back soon! Mata ne!

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